Why Wait 20 Years to Live Your Dream Life?

Many physicians today are feeling overwhelmed and unfulfilled living a busy life based on someone else’s terms and expectations.

I help physicians figure out what they really want out of life and how to make their dream life come true sooner than they ever imagined.


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What Others are Saying about Life Planning

“Life planning with Dr. Gray provided me clarity to the life I desire. I was able to successfully envision this with the help of Dr. Gray providing spacious and a comfortable thinking environment during our sessions. We all need to spend more time life planning. And, even better if we can find the right person to work with.

Dr. Gray was a good fit for me, and her flexible style has a good chance to also be a good fit for you. Give it a shot. You will not be disappointed.”

Thomas C. Yang, MD,
Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, New York

“To alleviate this fear and anxiety, you must resolve your inner conflicts around money and use your resources in a way that builds the life you actually want… financial life planning connects the dots between our financial realities and the lives we long for.“

Brian Thompson, JD, CFP,
Senior Contributor to Forbes Magazine

"Life Planning is the most efficient method of delivering freedom to an individual."

George Kinder, CFP, Founder of Life Planning